Produced with unprecedented, 100% real footage from actual attack-gun tapes, combat cameras and unscripted interviews, APACHE WARRIOR takes the audience into the cockpits of a squadron of Apache attack helicopters during the opening of one of the largest invasions in U.S. history.

Documenting the initial surge into Iraq in March 2003, APACHE WARRIOR highlights the adaptability, courage and selflessness of the Apache pilots and their crews during this “deep attack” mission.

Former Apache pilot Allen Hahn, who founded The APACHE WARRIOR Foundation, and former crew chief Joshua Lang were passionate in their belief that an immersive, first-person film would tell the story of this incredible and historic mission like nothing else could.

Drawn from hundreds of hours of authentic footage, what unfolds is the gripping story of a heroic Apache squadron committed to protecting its fellow soldiers on the ground in their fight against the world’s fourth largest mechanized army.

A feature-length documentary with no predisposed or political point of view, APACHE WARRIOR is a Strong Eagle Media production in association with A. Smith & Co., Dox, and Mechanical Dragons.